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Salad Selection



Tomato, Mozzarella & Basil (v)

Chicken Caesar

Tuna Salad

Roast Chicken & Butternut Squash

Spinach, Avocado, Bacon & Pine Nuts

Goats Cheese, Rocket & Tomato (v)

Chicken, Mango & Spinach

Waldorf Salad (v)

Prawn Cocktail

Grated Carrot with Sultanas & Pine Nuts (v)

Pea Mint & Cucumber (v)

Chick Pea with Chilli, Lime & Coriander (vegan)

Tuna Nicoise

Broccoli with Almonds (vegan)

Pasta Salad with Pesto

Chicken Pasta Salad with Basil

Five Bean Salad (vegan)

Roast Vegetable & Feta Cheese (v)

Smoked Salmon & Rocket

Falafel Salad (vegan)

Carrot & Beetroot (vegan)

Cheese Salad (v)

Ham Salad

Egg Salad (v)

Mackerel Salad

Pear & Stilton Salad (v)

Greek Salad (v)






Available as Individual Boxed Salads or Salad Platters.




Salads from £3.50 per person exc VAT