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Weddings, Birthdays, Christenings and bereavements, Anderson Catering serve special food for special ocassions.

Special Occasions


When those large celebrations arrive, it's always difficult to decide what food to serve your guests and exactly how many to cater for. Anderson Catering offers its Free Consultation Service for this precise reason, so let us help you to make those tricky decisions.

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Weddings by Anderson Catering



Wedding Day planning can be a stressful time for all couples. A never ending list of things to organise, each item just as important as the next and between you, it seems impossible to put them in any particular order.


Anderson Catering have helped many couples through this exciting time, our professional and friendly approach will quickly put you at ease. We'll share our past wedding catering experiences with you both and provide guidance on how best to satisfy all your guests culinary requirements.


Our Free Consultation Service will provide catering ideas and share ways to deliver savings, while at the same time, we'll make sure no compromise is made on quality, flavour or presentation.

Birthday Buffets by Anderson Caterings



Organising a special birthday party can be fun but exhausting, especially when you're trying to cater for a large group of family and friends.


Themed Buffets or even sit down meals can be a fantastic way to celebrate a birthday. Young or Old, there's always an obvious theme for the birthday boy or girl.


At Anderson Catering we'll be on hand to provide ideas and help you decide what food would best complement your day.

Christening Buffets by Anderson Catering



Celebrating with family and friends are joyous occasions. Christenings are a wonderful example, they're a celebration of new life, of a new addition(s) to your family and therefore are one of the most special occasions.


Don't let the food preparations distract you from the special day and minimise the time you have available to spend with your family and friends. Let Anderson Catering take away this worry and let us provide your guests with the delicious food the day deserves.

Bereavement Buffets by Anderson Catering



Funerals are sad occasions for family and friends as they say goodbye to loved ones. However, it's also a time where everyone comes together, stories are told between family and friends, memories are shared of happier times and to every-ones surprise it quickly becomes a celebration of a life that touched so many people.


Anderson Catering have provided buffets for numerous funerals and has received some lovely feedback on how wonderful the food complemented the day. Eating and drinking is common at funerals but what's great to hear is that our service was provided quietly, respectfully and with no fuss.


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